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Plan your arrival

The Homes For Expat team will welcome you the day of your arrival (check-in Monday  to Friday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.) for key collection and meter reading.

State of entry and exit

A detailed report of the condition of the apartment is made on your arrival and on your  departure. A final statement is made at the end of your stay to calculate your  consumption and other possible costs.

Pricing structure

The basic rent relates to the price of your accommodation excluding costs. You have to add the  monthly flat rate and the provision to obtain your overall rent.

  • Monthly fee
    The monthly plan covers home insurance, internet connection, assistance  technical, taxes and cleaning of the common areas of the building (hall  main + staircase).
  • Provision
    The provision is used to cover part of your consumption of gas, water and  of electricity. During your stay and when you leave, the exact consumption  will be calculated to ensure that the provision paid is sufficient, otherwise a  supplement will have to be paid.

Your consumption (water, gas, electricity) is calculated on the basis of reading the  counters on your arrival and on your departure. A percentage is allocated to each  apartment for heating costs, depending on its area. Heating  common areas and boiler maintenance are included. The final count of  your consumption will take into account the evolution of the price of water and energy.


A rental guarantee equivalent to 2 months’ rent + charges must be provided and  must be paid before entering and handing over the keys.

Price adjustment

Although we avoid price changes, Homes For Expat reserves the right  to change prices at any time without notice. Also, the prices on this site must  be used as an indicator and Homes For Expat cannot be held responsible  changes and/or errors.


The images displayed on this site are indicative. The decoration may have slightly  changed since we took these photos.

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